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Fall Is the Best Time to Remove Pet Odor

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Generally speaking, the joys of pet ownership outweigh the downsides that come with it. Nevertheless, the odor that pets cause can be a nuisance. The autumn months are a great time to tackle the problem. Here are a few tips for conquering pet odor this fall.

Clean or Replace Your Pet’s Accessories

Over time, accessories like beds, blankets, leashes and toys acquire a funky odor that can be tough to eliminate. Thoroughly wash your pet’s belongings to destroy odor molecules. Pet beds are notoriously difficult to sanitize and should probably be replaced every year.

Vacuum and Sweep the Floors Thoroughly

Fur and dander are a primary source of persistent odor in homes with pets. Vacuuming hardwood floors and mopping them with a Swiffer will go a long way towards controlling pet smells. Pay special attention to gaps between floorboards and beneath molding.

Steam Clean Every Carpeted Surface

In many cases, steam cleaning is the only reliable way to remove pet odor from carpets. Fortunately, quality steam cleaners aimed at pet owners can be had for as little as $150. Bissell and Hoover produce excellent models that are perfect for homeowners.

Neutralize Odors With Natural Substances

Oftentimes, old-fashioned cleaners made from organic ingredients are more effective at wiping out odor than bleach. Mixing citric acid or vinegar with water will yield a topnotch cleaner that stops odor in its tracks. Likewise, applying baking soda to pet stains is always effective.

Upgrade to Odor-Resistant Furniture

Couches, reclining chairs and ottomans clad in traditional fabrics are notorious for retaining odor. Switching to furniture that’s upholstered with microfiber fabrics, leather or imitation leather is a great way to combat pervasive odor. Use sticky tape rollers to keep your furniture clean throughout the year.

Buy an Air Purifier Aimed at Pets

Both HEPA and electrostatic air purifiers are highly effective ways to trap pet odors before they can establish themselves. Many are specifically designed to sequester the kinds of allergens and odor-causing molecules that pets produce and transfer to your home.

Use Paint to Quarantine Smell Sources

There are a slew of primers, paints and stains that will trap pet odors in drywall and flooring. Before you apply any of these products, use a black light to find pet stains in your home and treat them with an enzymatic cleaner.

What to Do When Pet Odor Won’t Go Away

While the tips mentioned here can be highly effective, experience with pet odor removal is a must to achieve great results. If your pet odor problems seem insurmountable, you’ll save a lot of time and money by hiring a professional operation like Hydro Clean to handle the situation for you. Contact us today!


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