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Five Carpet Cleaning Tips

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When you are ultimately looking to clean your carpet so that it once again becomes radiant, you will likely be searching for some general guidelines. By relying on professional cleaning companies, your floors will remain pristine. Here are five tried-and-true tips for keeping your carpet looking great for years on end.

1) Vacuum the Entire Floor First

Because dry contaminants can become stuck in the fibers of the carpet, you will likely want to vacuum the target area before you commit to a deep cleaning. Because professionals generally use special vacuums that are designed to suck up every piece of dirt, it is better to rely on the experts. Reputable cleaning companies have special techniques for removing dirt and dust.

2) Rely on Professional Steam Treatments

Steam treatments allow the entire carpet to be cleaned deeply. Instead of renting a small machine from a local store, you will want to rely on the industrial steam cleaners used by the experts. This is the only way to truly remove every last bit of grime.

3) Consider Using Environmentally Friendly Chemicals

If you suffer from allergy problems, you should try to use environmentally friendly chemicals. Some of the best cleaning agents, in fact, are organic. Green companies will be able to clean your carpet without the use of overly harsh chemical solutions.

4) Know Your Carpet Styles

It is essential that you reserve certain cleaning techniques for certain carpet styles. Plush carpeting, for example, has a different texture than frieze carpeting. Oriental rugs, which can run into the hundreds of dollars, must be carefully cleaned according to the instructions of the manufacturer.

5) Set Rigorous Rules in the Aftermath

Once your carpet has regained its former glory, you might set rules for other family members. Shoes, for instance, will need to be taken off inside the front door. Juices, especially when being consumed by toddlers, must always be carried in a spill-proof cup. With some sensible rules and a bit of help from professional cleaners, your carpet will again shine forth like the sun.

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