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Ceramic and Grout Cleaning

Baltimore, Maryland | Columbia | Clarksville

Is your home in desperate need of ceramic and grout cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland, Columbia or Clarksville?

Hydro Clean has been providing top of the line tile and grout cleaning services to Maryland homes and businesses since 1986. Our cleaning technicians are professionally trained and will leave no mess behind.

If you have any questions call 410-999-8260 and speak with a knowledgeable representative who’s happy to help you.

Continue reading below to discover how proper ceramic and grout cleaning can beautify your home.

The Importance of Clean Ceramic Tile Grout

As the demand for tile and grout products grow, more and more customers are realizing how frustrating these surfaces are to keep clean.

That’s because grout is porous. Any dirt left on the surface of grout for too long has a good chance of penetrating through to the interior, making cleaning even harder. Combine grout’s porosity with the fact that it’s commonly used in high moisture rooms (kitchens and bathrooms) and you have a recipe for mold.

Because of the harmful effects mold can have on you and your family, it’s important that you take action against dirty grout immediately by hiring a professional kitchen or bathroom tile grout cleaner.

Our friendly IICRC certified technicians can quickly and safely clean the most stubborn tile and grout surfaces. In addition to our tile and grout cleaning, Hydro Clean also offers a wide variety of tile and grout sealers to help protect your tile and grout once the job is done.

Professional Cleaners Use Professional Grout Cleaning Equipment

Hydro Clean uses state of the art cleaning equipment, including the SX-12 and SX-7 tile cleaning tools. Our cleaning equipment operates at more than 1,000 pounds PSI, which is powerful enough to eliminate dirt and debris, but safe enough to clean even the most delicate tile and grout surfaces.

At Hydro Clean we utilize powerful truck mounted equipment for several reasons. One, keeping the equipment in our truck allows us more working space in your home while also minimizing the possibility of a mess in your home. Two, the equipment mounted in our trucks are much more powerful at cleaning grout stains than anything we could bring inside your home.

After the dirt and build-up are eliminated from the surface of your tile with our powerful truck-mounted equipment, they are extracted immediatelyand disposed of. When we leave your home, we leave nothing behind except your beautiful clean tile.

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Stop worrying about your moldy grout potentially harming your family today when you call 410-999-8260 and speak with the Maryland ceramic and grout cleaning specialists.

Since 1986, Hydro Clean has been providing Maryland residences and businesses with essential cleaning services ranging from power washing pavement to cleaning your carpets and everything in-between. Tell us your situation and we’ll see how we can help you!

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