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Experienced, Professional Commercial Cleaning

Baltimore, Maryland | Columbia | Ellicott City | Annapolis | Glenelg

Are you searching for quality commercial cleaning in Baltimore, Maryland, Annapolis, Columbia, or nearby areas? If yes, you’re in luck! Hydro Clean has been service the greater Baltimore area for decades and is ready to assist you with all your professional cleaning and restoration needs.
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Continue reading below to learn more about our renowned janitorial and office cleaning service near Baltimore as well as some tips on choosing commercial cleaning companies, beyond the obvious considerations of cleaning rates, costs and prices.

Not Your Average Commercial Cleaning Service

Hydro Clean, a member of the Professional Cleaners Association, provides excellent commercial and office cleaning services in addition to our residential services.

We offer services for:

We use the continuously proven Bane-Clene method unlike many other professional cleaning services. We use the Bane-Clene method because not only is it widely approved by many popular carpet and upholstery manufacturers, it also aids in the removal of allergens from the affected surface.

All of our technicians are trained using the Bane-Clene standards and have many years of combined experience serving businesses like yours.

One of the many things customers really love about working with us (aside from our very reasonable cleaning rates, low costs and prices) is that we offer such a wide array of cleaning services in Baltimore, MD and the surrounding area.

Why have one company to clean your office and a different company to clean your carpets? And yet a third to help you with upholstery maintenanceand a fourth you turn to for duct cleaning?

That doesn’t make sense. Make your life easier by consolidating, working with fewer companies and vendors overall!

The Incredible Importance of Scotchgard®

At Hydro Clean, our Baltimore commercial cleaning service technicians know that replacing your carpet can be quite costly. We also know that protecting your carpet is not.

Be sure to thoroughly protect your investment and ask your Hydro Clean technician for Scotchgard® fabric and carpet protector. Scotchgard® fabric protector acts as a protective barrier for your carpet, repelling dirt, dust, grime and other unwanted substances.

There are many benefits to applying Scotchgard® fabric protector, such as:

  • Helps protect your carpet against both oil and water-based spills.
  • Helps soils release more easily when carpet and upholstery is cleaned.
  • Actually helps your carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer.
  • Effective against fruit drinks, soft drinks and many other food and drink stains

Hydro Clean’s Commercial Cleaning Services Goes Above And Beyond

Hydro Clean already has an outstanding reputation involving our residential cleaning services; our business cleaning services are no different!

Hydro Clean offers the highest quality commercial cleaning in Baltimore available by a combination of the Bane-Clene system and our highly knowledgeable, friendly technicians.

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