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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Since 1986, Hydro Clean Certified Restoration has been in the business of cleaning floors in homes and businesses of all kinds. Over three decades, we have helped many residential and commercial customers give new life to their hardwood floors and other kinds of flooring. Regular cleaning ensures hardwood floors will last longer and maintain their highly polished look after they are installed.

Get a Deep Clean

A hardwood floor is a specialty kind of floor, requiring expert attention and the use of a commercial-grade cleaning machine. Our experts move a machine carefully move over the hardwood floor surface foot by foot. The machine removes dirt and other small particles of debris that may get trapped down in the floor’s surface. Without paying attention to the regular removal of dirt through professional cleaning, a hardwood floor will begin to look dirtier over time and lose its initial color and polished appearance.

Protect the Seal

As a property owner, you want to safeguard the investment you or the previous owner initially made in the installation of hardwood floors. If a hardwood floor has not been first sealed to ward off unwanted debris, the surface will not maintain its integrity over time. Foot traffic across the floor causes it to get worn down and fade. What begin as minor scuff marks from human feet get ingrained into the surface, making it appear prematurely flawed and outdated.

Trust the Experts

Not all machines or approaches to cleaning will serve to protect a hardwood floor. Using a bucket of water and a mop or vacuuming the dry surface to remove debris does not ensure a deep clean. A commercial machine ensures that the dirt hiding in the imperfections of the floor — think grooves, cracks, and ridges — will be removed. Hardwood floors will retain more of their original luster and there will be less debris in the air inside your home or building.

If the hardwood floors in your home or building are more than ten years old, you need to try our unique cleaning and reapplication of a polymer finish. Just take a minute to inspect the floor in this video, which is over 25 years old. After our deep cleaning and polymer application, the floor looks like new.

We guarantee the protection of your hardwood floor. Rest assured we will never engage in heavy sanding, which only creates dust and lowers the air quality in the building. After a professional cleaning job by Hydro Clean Certified Restoration, your floors are available to use in just 24 hours. Please call our office for more information.

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