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Owings Mills Cleaning Services

Keeping a clean home is important for protecting your family’s health. For businesses, cleanliness is a must if you want to protect your reputation and keep a welcoming environment for your customers. Although we offer many services to residents in Owings Mills and the greater Baltimore area, these three are especially important for both homes and businesses.

Carpet Cleaning

Regular foot traffic means more dust and allergens in your carpet. The inevitable stains from drinks, pets and outdoor grime are unsightly. If you own a business with carpeting, a dirty carpet can earn you some negative reviews online. Regular moisture exposure and smoke can also give your carpet a lingering odor. Carpet stains and odors call for professional cleaning. We thoroughly clean your carpet to eliminate stains, odors and allergens. We can also restore your carpet if there is minor damage.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts can carry allergens, dust and unpleasant smells into your home or business if they are not cleaned regularly. If you have pets or smoke indoors, these smells recirculate through the vents. Also, moisture can get trapped in the duct system if there is a buildup of dust and debris. This makes it a prime breeding ground for mildew, mold and bacteria. With our professional cleaning methods, your ducts will be completely clean again and free of any harmful microbes or offensive odors. Our professionals can help you determine how frequently your ducts should be cleaned based on where you live, your health needs and any other important factors.

Window Cleaning

With months of built-up dirt and grime, window cleaning can be a time-consuming chore. On homes or buildings with more than one floor, cleaning the outside of the windows can also be dangerous. With some atrium windows that are located on the side of the structure, it is nearly impossible to reach and clean them without expensive equipment. Also, most cleaning products that come from retail shelves leave streaks on windows. With our professional cleaning services, we can use power-washing equipment for tough tasks and special products for hand cleaning. We clean windows and sliding glass doors to sparkling perfection regardless of their size and location.

When To Call A Professional

There is no commercial or residential cleaning task too large or too small for us. We offer tile, drapery and upholstery cleaning as well as many other services. Ask about our maid services if you need frequent professional cleaning. If your cleaning issue is related to smoke or water damage that warrants an insurance claim, we also work with most major insurance companies. Additionally, we offer certified restoration services for fire and water damage.

Hydro Clean has been proudly serving the greater Baltimore area for many years. Our services are prompt and effective. We welcome you to call us, request a free estimate and see for yourself why we maintain a reputation for high-quality customer service.

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