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Fast, Effective Pet Odor Removal

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Are you searching for a quality pet odor removal in the Baltimore, Maryland, Columbia, Annapolis or Glenelg areas?

Pet odor has plagued home owners (and carpets!) for decades and we’ve been here to help all along the way! Since 1986 we’ve helped customers remove that unpleasant pet odor from their carpets homes. Let us help you today!
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Continue reading below to discover how a pet odor removal service can change the atmosphere of your home dramatically!

Why is Pet Odor So Foul?

Unfortunately, one of the most common odor problems in homes is from our pets.

In order to better realize why covering up pet odor is simply not an option, you must first understand the molecular structure of what is causing the foul smell.

Fresh urine usually has very little odor. The offensive odor that we associate with urine doesn’t actually appear until it starts to decay and release ammonia gas.

After this initial decay, a second level of decay will occur. This second level releases mercaptam, a foul-smelling organic compound that smells similar toskunk spray.

A Pet Odor Removal Service Understands Your Problems On A Molecular Level

Natural bacteria attack the urine as it breaks down, and digests the urea, sodium chloride, lipids, and phosphorus-and potassium-containing urine. The bacteria leaves behind phosphate salts which will stick to the carpet, making it extremely difficult to clean up.

These salts release the odor into the air with the help of heat and humidity. Some animals tend to urinate in the same place repeatedly, as a result, the animal is continuously applying heat and humidity to the area of the carpet.

This causes the odor to become increasingly more pungent each time this occurs, which can create a strong skunk-like odor.

Why Quality Pet Odor Removal Services Are So Valuable

A routine professional carpet cleaning will not remove these phosphate salts from your carpet.

To entirely remove the phosphate salts, and consequently the odor, from your carpet, special cleaning techniques need to be used. Hydro Clean pet odor removal in Baltimore uses special enzyme cleaners that are proven to be able to rid your carpet of phosphate salts and odor.

Be sure to inform your technician of the specific nature of your odor problem while scheduling your appointment.

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