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Reisterstown Cleaning Services

Since 1986, Hydro Clean has provided dependable, affordable and professional cleaning services to residential and business clients in Reisterstown, MD, and the surrounding area. Our expert staff uses the most advanced techniques to make your home or office cleaner, healthier and looking better every time. We provide a full range of cleaning and restoration options, but three services merit special attention.

Carpet Cleaning

Dirty carpets turn business clients away and trap allergens and other particles that can be detrimental to your health. Thus, it is smart to keep your carpets clean, and regular cleaning by Hydro Clean is the most effective and efficient way to ensure that the carpets in your home or office look great and are free of dirt and other contaminants. Our truck-mounted equipment provides greater suction and better cleaning than our competitors, leaving your carpets sparkling every time we visit you for a carpet cleaning. Our technicians can remove many stains that other cleaning companies cannot handle, and we always tailor our cleaning to your specific needs. You will create a more comfortable and inviting residential or business environment when you trust Hydro Clean for your carpet cleaning.

Air Duct Cleaning

We find it time and again when we inspect air ducts—pollen, dander, dirt and other particles that have collected at various points in the air ducts and have formed an ideal spot for mold, bacteria and other organisms to grow. The result is contaminated air that sets off allergies, aggravates asthmatics and leads to a host of other problems. Dirty ducts also make furnace and air conditioning filters less efficient in removing dust from the air, leading to dirtier rooms and surfaces. To help solve the problem of dirty air ducts, Hydro Clean offers a comprehensive air duct cleaning service. Using the best HEPA filtration, we clear your HVAC system of the contaminants that can dirty your air and create problems for your family or your clients. Your air quality will improve dramatically after we service your air ducts, and you will be left with a fresher and cleaner environment for friends and family or your employees and customers.

Window Cleaning

With all of the attention that you pay to cleaning your home or business, sometimes windows get overlooked. Yet sparkling clean windows do so much to improve the appearance and ambience of a home or business. Accessing high or hard-to-reach windows can be dangerous, so there is little wonder why window cleaning is among the last things people think of when they are aiming for a cleaner house or office. But when you hire Hydro Clean to take care of your windows, you never have to worry about your windows again. Our window technicians use the best techniques to clean windows and doors of all shapes and sizes, leaving you with clean glass that lets the light in without obstruction.

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